The all in one application for watching videos. Supports nearly every codec imaginable.

One of Apples Pro programs for organizing and altering photos. A very powerfull application although comes with a bit of a price tag.

A free audio editor which has a few advance features that make it create for editing audio for your videos or other applications.

A free 3D modeler which has the same power of many of the most advance applications on the market. Comes with quite a steep learning curve.

Delicious Library
A very cool application used to organise your books, movies, games and CD’s. You can use your built in iSight to save time by scanning your books. Very cool and fun to use.

A simple application that uses the vast photo resource of flickr to change your wallpaper every so often. Makes a cool change.

Anoter Panic app. This time it can be used to write directly on your desktop. Very cool if you use a tablet for your daily work.

The free image editing program. Used by many open source and linux users. A create start since Leopard doesn’t include any image editing software.

Google Earth
One of the best applications from Google. Use it to zoom in on planet earth and explore the world around you. A great time waster, as well as a very useful tool if you are going anywhere and want to check out the surroundings.

An open source application that can quickly convert DVD’s to Mpeg-4.

The all in one package made by Apple. I don’t think this needs any explaining.

This application takes a direct recording of your screen. Great if you want to make recordings of specific applications. You need a good CPU, a bit of a power hog.

A very hot application that lets you watch free TV. Beautiful application even though the amount of TV stations are a bit small.

The high priced application for real pros who want to edit and manipulate images and photos. Not for people with tight wallets.

The medium priced application that has a lot of great image editing potential. Not as expenisive as Photoshop.

Bored of your interface? Let shape shifter change it for you. Not Leopard compatitble although this is likely to change.

Theme Park
A great little app which lets you delve into the resource files for applications and lets you change them.

A little app that downloads all of the torrent files for your favourite TV shows. You need a bittorrent client to finish the process off.

Puts your screensaver as your wallpaper. Add a bit of life to your desktop.