How to Install Additional Plug-Ins:

You can extend iMovie's features by installing plug-ins. Apple and third parties have created plug-ins for iMovie.

How to install additional plug-ins:

1. Quit iMovie, if it is open.
2. Click the Finder in the Dock.
3. Choose Go to Folder from the Go menu.
4. Type "~/Library" and click Go.
5. If you don't see a folder named "iMovie" choose New Folder from the File menu, and name it "iMovie".
6. Open the iMovie folder.
7. If you don't see a folder named "Plug-ins" choose New Folder from the File menu and name it "Plug-ins".

The resulting path should look something like this:
  • Macintosh HD/Users/Your User Name/Library/iMovie/Plug-ins/
8. Copy any additional iMovie 2 for Mac OS X plug-ins into the Plug-ins folder.
9. Open iMovie.

The iMovie Plug-in pack 2.1.1 for Mac OS X is available from the iMovie Web site (

Free iMovie Plugins:

Apple iMovie Plugin Pack:

2.1 - Download

  • This iMovie Plugin Pack 2.1 includes the following new effects, transitions, and titles

Jerry's Free iMovie Plugins:

1.3 -

  • Color Mangler (color controls) UPDATED FOR 1.3!
  • * Eric The Plugin (4:3 to and from 16:9) UPDATED FOR 1.3!
  • * Funky Monkey (solarization)
  • * Monkey Brewster (lithograph and posterization)
  • * Rhesus Pieces (pixelizing, anonymizer)
  • * Sleepy Time (dream mist)
  • * The Matrix (matrix convolutions)
  • * Ye Olde TV (scanlines, etc)
1.0 - Download
  • Auto Saturation (over, negative and automatic saturation)
  • * Blueprint (blueprints and other related color mistakes)
  • * Color Slide (move R,G,B around independantly of eachother)
  • * False Color (turns the image into a color-cycling image)
  • * HV Hold (adjust horiz,vert hold and position)

BKMS Free iMovie Plugins:

- Download
  • This pack contains a selection of transitions taken from the Melt Through, Melt Away, Pixelate, and Soft Wipes sets, download the free BKMS iMovie plug-in samples.

Slick Free iMovie Plugins:

- Download
  • Slick Sampler includes 9 fully functional plug-ins for iMovie
  • ( works with iMovie 4, 3 and 2).