Tab - A key that, when pressed, moves the insertion point to the next tab marker.

Table - A two-dimensional set of values corresponding to an entity. The columns of a table represent characteristics of the entity and the rows represent instances of the entity.

Take - A take is another version of a particular shot. In shooting a film, there may be multiple takes of each shot.

Tape Backup - A duplicate on magnetic tape of the information on a hard disk. The alternative to tape backup is copying onto a second hard disk which is pretty expensive or copying dozens of 3.5-inch disks which is time-consuming.

Tcl (Tool command language) - A scripting language. Support for Tcl is built into Mac OS X.

TCP Transmission Control Protocol - A method used along with the Internet Protocol IP to send data in the form of message units between computers over the Internet. IP takes care of handling the actual delivery of the data, and TCP takes care of keeping track of the individual units of data called packets into which a message is divided for efficient routing through the Internet.

TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. These are two of the main protocols of the Internet. To connect a computer to the Internet, it must have some kind of TCP/IP communication software installed on it.

Telecine Film Speed - The frame rate at which the film is run in telecine equipment during the transfer to video.

Telecine Log - A file generated by the telecine technician during the telecine transfer. Records the key numbers of the original camera negative and the timecode of the video transfer, tracking the relationship between them. Sometimes called a FLEx file.

Telecine - A machine that copies the images on the original camera negative to a videotape format, often including a window burn of the film edge code.

Telecommunications - The exchanging of information with other computers over phone lines. To telecommunicate, you need a computer, a modem, communications software, and a similar setup on the other end of the phone line. You can telecommunicate with other personal computers or with commercial information services.

Template - In a WebObjects component, a file containing HTML that specifies the overall appearance of a web page generated from the component. A form or an electronic overlay. For example, spreadsheet templates allow nonaccountant-types to use spreadsheet applications.

Temporal Compression - Image compression that is performed between frames in a sequence. This compression technique takes advantage of redundancy between adjacent frames in a sequence to reduce the amount of data that is required to accurately represent each frame in the sequence. Sequences that have been temporally compressed typically contain key frames at regular intervals.

Terabyte - 2 to the 40th power 1,099,511,627,776 bytes. This is approximately 1 trillion bytes or one thousand gigabytes.

Terminal - A Mac OS X application that lets you use a command-line interface and BSD a version of UNIX developed at UC Berkeley utility programs.

Text Generator - Firmware that prints characters on the screen in response to keypresses.

Text Mode - Information that is sent to the display in the form of characters that fit in a 40-column by 24-line grid or in an 80-column by 24-line grid.

TFT - Thin-Film Transistor, a type of active matrix display.

Thermal Transfer Printer - A printer that works by heating small points that produce dots on special heat-sensitive paper.

Thumbnail - In iMovie, the single-frame preview image of a DV clip. This is commonly seen on the shelf or in the clip viewer.

Timecode - A format for assigning each frame of video a unique, sequential unit of time. The format is hours-minutes-seconds-frames.

Title Bar - The horizontal bar at the top of a window that shows the name of the window's contents and lets you move the window.

Token Passing - A network access method in which devices on the network pass a special sequence of bits, known as the token, from one device to the next. A device can transmit data on the network only if it is in possession of the token.

Token Ring - An industry standard network type that is commonly used to connect IBM mainframes and IBM PCs. Token Ring networks are arranged in a ring topology in which devices pass tokens from one attaching device to another.

TokenTalk - Software that enables AppleTalk protocols to run over industry-standard IEEE 802.5 Token Ring networks.

To-Many Relationship
- A relationship in which each source record has zero to many corresponding destination records. For example, a department has many employees.

Tomcat - The official reference implementation for Java Servlet 2.2 and JavaServer Pages 1.1, two complementary technologies developed under the Java Community Process.

Toolbar - A row of icons at the top of windows in the Finder and other Mac OS X applications. In the Finder, toolbar buttons take you instantly to specified folders, disks, servers, applications, documents, and more. In most applications that have a toolbar, you can customize the contents.

To-One Relationship
- A relationship in which each source record has exactly one corresponding destination record. For example, each employee has one job title.

Topology - The physical layout of the cables and devices on a network.

Touch-Tone Dialing - Touch-tone dialing is a method of dialing in which each character 0-9, , #, A, B, C, D is represented by a different tone.

Track - A QuickTime data structure that represents a single data stream in a QuickTime movie. A movie may contain one or more tracks. Each track is independent of other tracks in the movie and represents its own data stream.

Transaction - A set of actions that is treated as a single operation.

Transceiver - A computer's hardware mechanism through which network transmissions are sent and received. The term is a combination of the words transmitter and receiver.

- A blending of frames between two clips that smoothes out a simple cut.

Transmitting Device - The computer that is sending information.

Trash - Similar to the Windows Recycle Bin. The Trash is located at the end of the Dock.

Troubleshooting - Diagnosing a problem and hopefully solving it. It's best to get peripheral devices that work automatically with the Apple IIgs so you won't have personal experience with this activity.

TTL Time-to-Live - The specified length of time that DNS information is stored in a cache. When a domain name-IP address pair has been cached longer than the TTL value, the entry is deleted from the name server's cache but not from the primary DNS server.

Turtle - A cursor shaped like a triangle. Using Logo programming commands like FORWARD, BACK, LEFT, RIGHT, you can move the turtle around the screen and create graphics.

Tween Track - A track that modifies the display of other tracks.

Twisted-Pair Cable - A low-cost cable type that consists of two wires that are individually insulated and then twisted together. Includes standard telephone wire as well as shielded twisted-pair cable, which has additional resistance to electrical interference.