Top10 Widgets

1. Earth

Get the Earth Widget with live updated satellite images!

2. Rollercoaster

Wanna have a nonstop rollercoaster ride? Here we go.

3. FishTank

Get a real FishTank in to your Dashboard. You can switch on and off the Bubble Sounds at anytime - Enjoy !

Apps on Mac
4. Apps on Mac

Essential software to make your Mac more awesome… enjoy!


Watch live stream NASA TV:
- get Launch and Landing Coverage
- get complete LIVE Shuttle Coverage
- get Current Missions Reports

What’s New in this Version
- Public, Education and Media Channels added

Dashboard on Fire
6. Dashboard on Fire

Get your Dashboard fullscreen on Fire!
- Flip to the back and switch on or off the crackling sound effect when ever you like !

7. YouTube

Watch and Search Featured, Most Discussed, Most Recent, Most Viewed, Top Favorites and Top Rated Videos in your Dashboard.

8. Asteroid

Play Asteriods with this amazing Asteriod widget ! The Asteroid OSX Dashboard Widget is based on Gary C. Martin AsteroidsQC V0.9 Quartz Composer development. Many Thanks to him indeed !

9. BigBen

Get the most famous clock in to your Dashboard.
Have a Studio!10. Have a Studio!

Use your Keyboard to play the Piano, click on the Samples for some Beats and enjoy your little studio in your Dashboard! Credits to for the Piano Synthesizer!