Icon Packs

Yoritsuki icons

This file contains 35 icons that are associated with hot springs in Japan. If you haven’t stayed in a Japanese-style inn, you may be unfamiliar with these designs, but they’re familiar to Japanese. Elaborate, detailed, unique icons drawn in 128x128-pixel format will make your desktop delightful.
If you have an opportunity to visit Japan, please consider staying at a Japanese-style hot spring inn. You may see what I’ve picture in my icons. Please be aware that Yoritsuki is the name of a fictional Japanese-style inn.

35 icons – Download (PNG and ICO)

Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set

This set of free hand drawn doodle icons includes 14 graphics tailored specifically for bloggers. Including social media graphics for Delicious, Design Float, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Technorati and Twitter as well as commonly used icons such as RSS, Home, Comments, Contact and WordPress.

14 icons – Download (PNG and JPG)


These icons are quite nice and you can use them in one of your applications

43 icons – Download (PNG)

Eico 1 year

New free icon set available : eico 1 year.

17 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS)

Wifun Icons

Icons from Wifun's previous design. enjoy.

6 icons – Download (PNG and ICO)

3D Cartoon Icons Pack

Software and application icons for your dock or desktop. style inspired by rokey's smooth metal pack. i just did a similar rotation and black outline, and added my own style. 111 total icons. the biggest pack i made so far. both for PC and Mac

111 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS)

3D Cartoon Icons Pack III

Please love this style made a 3rd version. but this is probably the last cartoon style was done. The author thinking of trying some other stuff like maybe illustrations or OS icons.

205 icons – Download (PNG, ICO, and ICNS)

De Freu

This is amazing work. I had to download these Icons to see what was inside and I am truley amazed. Thank you very much.

41 icons – Download (PNG)


A free set of 11 practical and useful high-quality icons.

11 icons – Download (PNG)

Dellipack 2

This set of “delicious icons” contains 15 icons: a build icon, a home icon, an interact icon, a monitor icon, a pen icon, a phonebook icon and other icons which can be useful for both corporate and personal projects. You can use the set for free — without any restrictions whatsoever.

15 icons – Download (PNG)

Free Icon Pack

This free icon pack contains 164 icons of different objects in 48x48 size. These icons can be useful for both website and standalone applications. You can use the icon pack for free.

164 icons – Download (PNG)

Compelling Reasons to Use Stock Icon Packs?

There is surely no shortage of online establishments that offer stock icons; however, people often ponder if using these stock icons will change the look of their website template and tools; so, here is some information on how you can benefit by using stock icons.

If you are designing a website or are creating an application, you must already know that icons are often the first impression creators; they can change your application or website from being merely functional to one that is is professional, user friendly and eye catching.

However, creating your own icon collection can be nothing short of harrowing and of course time consuming. If you enlist the help of a web graphics designer, you will have to dole out an exorbitant amount for the icon collection. As opposed to this, you will be able to get the precise quality from icon collections available over the internet for a fraction of the cost. A set of stock icons will generally have 100 or more images, sold in different image formats that are ideal for showing the functions common to most websites and software programs; for instance, copy, paste, lock and help etc.

If you could not get stock icons that suit your requirements, you can simply approach one of these websites and ask them to design exclusive icons for you; this is by far the most preferable option; to state it factually, the original graphics artist will be in a better position to maintain some semblance of commonality in all the graphics of a series created for a particular theme.

The next query that most people ponder over is whether they should opt for the commercial varieties or pick free collections, so here is a look at some of the benefits of commercial graphics as compared to the free pictures:

Cost: The price of an icon collection is generally in the vicinity of $100 and over based on the number of images. However, free graphics will usually have royalty problems and/or you will need to offer accreditations while using them.

Size: High quality image collections can be purchased in a plethora of pixels, so even though you purchase a single icon, you can get them in several sizes such as 16x16, 24x24 etc; you can also buy them in different states like disabled, hot etc. But unlike these; free images can only be downloaded in a single state and size

License: You may have to face some concerns with the free license; you will not be able to alter the images in any sense nor will you have a free hand to use them multiple times but with professional icon collections, you can use the images innumerable times in the most esoteric contexts.

Utility: Good icon libraries will normally contain quite a few graphics to suit all your programming and website design needs but with free icons even if you were to procure good quality images, these are very rare this would mean that it may be impossible to use them in your application creation and web designing.